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A Message from Bishop Malloy:

October, 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

This year is the 90th anniversary of World Mission Sunday which is celebrated on October 23rd. Your prayers and generous support for this special collection benefits the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, which provides support for the life-giving and hope-filled work and witness of priests, religious, and lay pastoral leaders in mission churches world-wide.

As disciples of Christ, we are to follow His example. Jesus chose to be in solidarity with those that are poor and hungry to demonstrate God’s mercy and love. Our missionaries follow in Jesus’ footsteps in proclaiming to the ends of the earth the salvation Christ offers those who believe in Him.

Our diocesan parishes will hold the annual collection for the Mission Appeal which supports the Church’s outreach, spreading the Word of God not only in the United States of America, but also in mission countries and situations abroad. This Mission Appeal includes: World Mission Sunday; Missions in the United States; the Church in Latin America; Membership in the Propagation of the Faith; and Rockford Diocesan Priests’ Pension. For the Catholic elementary schools in our Diocese, we have created a special opportunity for you to assist grade schools that have operating deficits and need your help to become financially viable.

Each one of us is called to proclaim our faith and encourage others, both near and far, to grow closer to our Lord. Our diocesan priests, religious priests and sisters continually say yes to God’s call to teach His
message. Please join with them in their mission to proclaim our faith by supporting the Mission Appeal.

Thank you in advance for your generosity for this worthy cause!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

The Most Reverend David J. Malloy
Bishop of Rockford

The Mission Appeal Supports:

World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday celebrates our unity as a worldwide community of believers and provides an opportunity to support the life-giving presence of priests, religious and lay catechists among the suffering and poor of the Missions world-wide.

We should encourage prayer, personal sacrifice and generous financial support for the more than 1,111 dioceses throughout the world. With your help, the Diocese distributed $138,294.

Please visit:

Missions in the United States

The Catholic Home Missions Appeal funds important pastoral projects in our poorer dioceses, where there are not enough resources to provide evangelization, religious education, and ministry training to their faithful. More than 80 dioceses in the United States are considered
home missions. Visit:

Evangelization and 142 years of service among the Black, Indian, Eskimo and Aleute communities has been the singular purpose of the Black and Indian Mission Collection.

Visit their website:

With your help, the Diocese distributed $47,170 to each of these collections.

The Church in Latin America

The Church in Latin America Appeal funds the formation of seminarians, religious sisters and brothers and lay leaders serving the Church in this area of the world. Also, it supports pastoral projects that enrich the lives of believers throughout Latin America. In some cases, this is the only resource individual parishes have to sustain the development of their parishioners. From this collection, $10,000 was sent to the US
Bishops’ Office for Latin America last year.

Visit their website:

This Appeal also supports the Rockford Diocese’s connection with the Diocese of Chulucanas in Peru. Our sister diocese uses our $18,366 gift to train leaders and promote the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

To learn more please visit their website:

Membership in the Society for the Propagation of the Faith (SPF)

Would you consider making an extra special commitment to the missionary work of the Church as a member of the Propagation of the Faith? Please pray daily for the Church’s missionary work, offer your personal cross in union with the suffering of Christ for the redemption of unknown men and women, and donate financially whenever you can during the year.

By designating this appeal on the Mission Appeal envelope, your name and address will be sent to the National SPF Office. Last year $9,641 was contributed.

Please visit:

Rockford Diocesan Priests’ Pension

Our priests devote their lives to bringing people closer to Christ, and in retirement, our priests continue to serve as spiritual leaders, counselors, ministers to the sick and much more. With gratitude for their years of faithful ministry, the Diocese has a Priests’ Pension Plan to support our 55 currently retired priests and those that will retire in the future.

Rev. David Beauvais has served our Diocese for more than 54 years. He continues to do so by assisting the pastors in celebrating the sacraments in parishes and visits the sick during his retirement. We thank you, Father Beauvais, and all our priests for your continued faithful service in retirement. Last year, the faithful of our Diocese contributed $158,265.

To make your donation on-line, please visit :

Catholic Elementary School Financial Support

To ensure that we maintain the opportunity for parents to enroll their children in the excellent Catholic elementary schools within our Diocese, we have created a special way for you to assist the Diocese of Rockford in supporting schools that have operating deficits and need your help to become financially
viable. Your support through prayer and donations will help our underprivileged schools continue to provide a quality education, and religious and moral formation in a world badly in need of Gospel values.

Thanks to your generous gifts, we gave $243,208 to needy schools in our Diocese this year!