Signs of a Vocation

If you have ever thought about being a priest or religious Sister, these qualities might be clues to a priestly or religious vocation:

God has placed in your heart a desire to be a priest or religious.
If Jesus has placed a desire in your heart for the priesthood or religious life, no matter what your age, don’t ignore it. Talk to a priest or religious that you admire about your interest in consecrated life.

You have a deep love for Christ and his Church.
A priest and religious work on behalf of Christ and the Church. Thus, a person who wants to be a priest or religious, must love Jesus Christ above all else. And like the Lord Jesus, they should have a deep love for the Church, the Bride of Christ. In general, a person who wants to be a priest or religious will find themselves drawn to the teachings of the Church and “all things Catholic.”

Other people have mentioned that you would be a good priest or religious.
Often other people will notice a possible priestly or religious vocation in a person and ask if they’ve ever thought of it. It’s good to recognize this affirmation and see it as an indication of a possible priestly or religious vocation.

You desire to live a life of virtue and prayer.
The People of God only expect their priests and religious to be experts of the spiritual life. Thus, a good candidate for the seminary or convent should strive for holiness in many ways. The person should attend Mass regularly, go to Confession frequently, pray daily, show devotion to Mary and the Saints, exercise virtue, receive spiritual direction, show attention to spiritual reading, and strive to selflessly serve others in Christ’s Name. The desire to do these things could be an indication that one is called to the priesthood or religious life.

You want to help others grow closer to Christ.
The priests and religious of the Church help to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus. For this reason, a person who wants to be a priest or religious must have a deep sense of faith and a genuine concern for other people. They should want to help people grow in holiness; want to teach them the truths of faith; want to minister to them during the trials of life. The vocations of the priesthood and religious life are about helping to lead others to heaven.

If you see these signs, or the beginning of these signs, in your life, it’s time to talk to the Vocations Department! They can help you to further discern your vocation.