How do I apply?

The best way to prepare for an application is to actively participate in the different discernment programs of the Diocese of Rockford. In particular, to make an effort to attend discernment group meetings, discernment retreats, to follow us on social media, to find a spiritual director, to periodically ask to meet with the Director of Vocations, and to engage in good spiritual reading on prayer and discipleship.

After this process is begun, and if you and the Director of Vocations decide that it is appropriate to apply for seminary formation, you will begin the application process. The application process includes a commitment to prayer, spiritual direction, spiritual reading, parish involvement, and an extensive seminary application packet. The packet includes an autobiography, psychological and medical evaluations, letters of recommendation, background screening, and several other tasks.

The application process is itself a time of discernment. The applicant enters into a formal association with the Diocese of Rockford, and allows the Church to guide and form his discernment in a more active way. It is important that the applicant remind himself that the “application is only an application.”

For further information, please contact the Vocations Department! They can help you to further discern your vocation and get started on the way to a religious life.