Why Does the Church Need Sisters?

How is the Lord calling you to love?

Each person is called by God to make a gift of him/herself for God’s glory and the salvation of souls. Finding your vocation is about discovering how God is calling you to love. Maybe he is inviting you to manifest His love in family life as wife and mother. Or, maybe the Lord is inviting you to be His bride, to be a spiritual mother who will be a constant sign and witness to a life in union with God. Both ways of life are beautiful! Open your heart to what God desires for you, and strive to unite your will to the will of our Heavenly Father. Remember, your vocation is your path to holiness. God has your best interest in mind, trust Him! If you feel Him tugging your heart toward religious life, don’t be afraid!

Sisters are an eschatological sign of Christ’s love for the world. They become a witness to the radical Love of Christ in a world that is often in darkness. Through their ministry and prayer, sisters bring the Church closer to Jesus’ Heart. When Jesus established the Church, he established the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience, although not all are called to live in this way. Through their radical love of Christ, sisters become a sign to the Church of Christ’s Crucified Love for the Church and the world.