Welcome to the Office of Divine Worship

The Office of Divine Worship for the Diocese of Rockford has as its mission, the task of assisting the bishop, whose charge it is to safeguard and promote the liturgical life of the diocese. It is also the mission of this office to foster the relationship of the liturgical life of the parishes by working closely with the priests, deacons and lay faithful of the diocese as a resource of information.

The office supports the bishop in his role through the preparation of liturgies celebrated by the people of the diocese (i.e. Ordinations, Chrism Mass, Rite of Election, etc.) and also helps parishes and groups in their celebrations of Episcopal Liturgies (Mass or special prayer services with the bishop).


Full, Conscious and Active Participation


That we enter into worship as a whole person, our minds, our hearts, our bodies, who we are, our very being is called to worship God!

As we worship God, we are aware of who we are: God’s People; what we are: Followers of His Son, Jesus Christ; and what we are called to be: To go out to the world and tell the Good News!


Our response to the love, mercy, and grace of God in our lives calls for a response that is both internal and external. We stand, we sit, we listen, we kneel, we sing, we open our hearts and our minds, as we enter into a divine dialogue that brings us into the presence and mystery of God!


As baptized members of the Body of Christ we are called to participate in the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ…this is the core of our worship. Our experiences at Mass of offering, the great sacrifice to God of Jesus Christ, His Son, along with ourselves, is central sacred action of the Eucharistic Prayer. The culmination of the sacrifice takes place when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus at His banquet table here on earth, the altar. This food gives us the courage and nourishment to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today.