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Dealing With Problems

Mass may not be celebrated contrary to the provisions of liturgical law. To do so is liturgical abuse. Some general advice can be offered for people when they encounter liturgical abuse:

  1. Determine whether a genuine violation of the law is occurring. Sometimes what appears to be an abuse is not.
  2. Determine how serious the abuse is. There may be larger issues at a parish that should be dealt with before the particular abuse is addressed.
  3. If action should be taken immediately, approach those directly involved in the abuse. Be unfailingly polite and kind when discussing the matter with them.
  4. If you are told that the pope or the bishop has authorized the practice in question, ask to see the document that gives the authorization.
  5. If the action is an ongoing abuse, consider whether recourse should be taken to higher authority. Be prepared to document the abuse with specifics: who committed it, when, how often, and what specifically was done.