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Walking with Moms in Need

Resources for parishes in the Diocese of Rockford

How the Diocese of Rockford is walking with moms in need

We invite all parishes to join “Walking with Moms in Need.” This parish-based process encourages connection between the Church, mothers facing difficult pregnancies, and local resources. The LiFE Office is here to support YOUR ministry. We have provided some tools and resouces below. 

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Disseminate a local inventory of pregnancy and other resources for moms in crisis.
The Life & Family Evangelization Office is compiling a list of resources in each area of the Diocese. We ask that all parishes make the list available so moms (and dads) can connect with local organizations to receive the help they need.


Evaluate local gaps to better meet the needs of expectant parents in crisis
Pastors, staff, Respect Life committees and parishioners should complete the “How Are We a People of Life?” reflection. This will assist in discerning what more can be done for parents in crisis. We encourage you to implement the additional priority in your parish ministries.

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Pray for expectant parents in crisis all year, with additional focus in May 2022.
Consider using the prayers of the faithful provided, as well as the prayers suggested by the USCCB. 


Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet for Parishioners

Lists simple and practical ways for families to get involved

Fact Sheet for Priests

Ideas for priests to implement on a parish level

Fact Sheet for PRLCs

For Parish Respect Life Coordinators and ministry leaders

Fact Sheet for Parishioners

Fact Sheet for Priests

Fact Sheet for PRLCs

Prayer Resources

USCCB Prayer for Expectant Mothers

USCCB Oración Por Las Embarazadas

USCCB St. Gianna Novena

USCCB Prayer Guides

Prayers of the Faithful

Oraciones de los Fieles


Looking for more?

The LiFE Office is always happy to help! Contact us by phone (815-399-4300) or email ( with any questions you may have OR check out the USCCB Walking with Moms in Need website