Diocese of Rockford Safe Environment Program
Protecting Children and Young People

Reporting Sexual Abuse

To report an instance of sexual abuse by clergy, religious or laity affiliated with the Diocese of Rockford:


Contact DCFS, if necessary...

Optional Online DCFS Reporting

If you are a Mandated Reporter, you must fill out the CANTS 5 form after you make a report to DCFS only if they tell you an investigation will pursue.

*All Employees and Volunteers of the Diocese of Rockford, that are considered to have contact with minors, sign the Mandated Reporter Form (CANTS 22) and are Mandated Reporters. 

DCFS Reporting Form (CANTS 5)

When filling out the CANTS 5 form, you will need to mail the report to the nearest DCFS office. Click Here to see a list of offices

AND, contact the Diocese directly...

The Diocese of Rockford is committed to maintaining Safe Environments.

Please check the Diocese Policy & Procedure for Reporting Sexual Abuse of a Minor or Vulnerable Adult to find out more on our response to reports to our hotline/email.

        You may also submit in writing to:  Diocese of Rockford

P.O. Box 7044

Rockford, IL 61125

Please leave your name and phone number when making your report.




Contact your local police department to file your report.

Diocesan Communications Office – 815-399-4300

To Report an instance of abuse by a Bishop please visit the reporting service below: