Who is a Sister?


A Bride of Christ

The Religious Sister is a consecrated person under solemn vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. In so uniquely imitating the Lord Jesus, she shares in an espousal union with him, and thus reflects the Church’s own unity with her divine Spouse. In this relationship, the Religious vocation is the highest expression of Christian discipleship. With her identity, the Religious Sister is at the heart of the Church and holds a vocation of deep prayerfulness and intimacy with God.

Following a particular spirituality and ministry, the Religious Sister conforms herself more and more to the Lord Jesus.

“…where the world expects sorrow, the cloistered feel joy.”
~The New Yorker

A Prophet of the Word

Since the early Church, women have chosen to radically follow the Lord Jesus in the Religious life. As a Religious person, the Sister has a special summons to be a prophet in the midst of the Church. She is called to teach, educate, guide, heal, reconcile, represent, and defend God’s people.

Staying true to her Community’s spirituality and mission, the Religious Sister proclaims God’s love and compassion for humanity.

The Religious Sister is an example of how the people of God are called to live. The example of the Religious Sister is a source of examination and conversion, inspiration and encouragement to the community of believers, and a help to them in their journey of faith.

A Servant of All

The Religious Sister is not for herself. She is the “universal sister” to all people, an advocate and servant to anyone who is in need. She seeks to imitate the Lord Jesus in his selfless service marked by hope and joy.

The Religious Sister is readily available for the mission entrusted to the Church among the poor, forgotten, uneducated, and is a docile and zealous disciple in the service of the People of God.

The Religious Sister desires to live her Community’s way of live with faithfulness and self-donation.