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A Message from Bishop Malloy:

Dear Friends in Christ,

Along with the impact of the COVID pandemic, this holy season of Lent is a reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for humanity. Our sacrifices also remind us that there are people who suffer daily from hunger, violence, and atrocities from war. The 2021 International Appeal to be held on March 13-14 in diocesan parishes gives us an opportunity to help others this Lent.

This International Appeal is the second of our three diocesan combined collections in 2021 that support the Universal Church.  It allows you to support your choice of one or more charitable efforts at one time.

Catholic Relief Services works with a vast network of partners worldwide to carry out their work. Their first partnership is with the Catholic Church and with local churches around the globe as well as a range of other organizations and institutions. Those partnerships sustain, guide and direct life-saving and life-enhancing work.

Another beneficiary of this appeal is the Church in Central and Eastern Europe.  This particular effort supports the Church in more than 20 countries that are continuing to rebuild after years of oppressive communist rule.

In this International Appeal, we have the opportunity to stand with the Church in Her works of mercy and charity.  Please be generous as you prayerfully consider your contribution.

With prayers for God’s blessings upon you this Lenten season,

The Most Reverend David J. Malloy
Bishop of Rockford

The International Appeal Supports:

Peter’s Pence

The Peter’s Pence Collection provides the Holy Father with funds he can use to respond to needs around the world. The proceeds will benefit victims of war, oppression, and disasters. Last year, the people of our Diocese contributed $116,481 to this collection.


Aid to the Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe

The fall of communism occurred almost 30 years ago, but the Church continues to rebuild after so many years of having churches confiscated or destroyed. Your support of this collection helps rebuild churches, support seminary programs, promote ministries and education for children and families, and renew community life around the region. Last year the faithful of the diocese contributed $15,014 to this collection.


Catholic Relief Services Collection (CRS)

Your support for this collection give aid to victims of persecution and natural disasters, provides legal services to poor immigrants, and advocates for the powerless. The reach of CRS spans the globe, helping an array of families on every continent by addressing a myriad of needs. Last year, $49,350 was distributed to this collection.


Worldwide and U.S. Disaster Relief Fund Rockford Diocese Response

Whenever a natural disaster occurs and/or a significant need develops, Bishop David J. Malloy receives numerous petitions for financial assistance from the affected areas, the USCCB, or from news reports of natural disasters.  With the creation of this fund, he has resources available to respond on behalf of the people of the Rockford Diocese. This past year, Bishop Malloy distributed a total of $12,500 to Hurricane Laura disaster relief.

Catholic Elementary School Financial Support for the Diocese of Rockford

Your prayerful support and donation will help underprivileged schools in the Diocese of Rockford to continue to educate and provide religious and moral formation to their students.  Thanks to your generosity, this collection provided $150,000 to needy schools in our diocese last year as they worked to serve students amidst the pandemic.

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Rockford Diocesan Priests’ Pension Plan

Our priests devote their lives to bringing people closer to Christ. In retirement many of our priests continue to offer Mass, serve as spiritual leaders, minister to the sick, and provide other pastoral support. With gratitude for their years of faithful ministry, the diocese has a Priests’ Pension to support our 43 currently retired priests and those who will retire in the future.

“Be kind to one another” is a phrase familiar to all who have been privileged to attend Mass celebrated by Father David Beauvais who has served as a priest of the Rockford Diocese for almost 59 years.  In retirement he continues to assist at parishes, provides counseling sessions twice a week and is active in the community. Last year, the faithful of our diocese contributed $118,295.

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