Catholic Funerals

Our goal after this life is to live with God in Heaven. No one likes to think about death, but the Catholic who believes in Jesus Christ does not fear the end of their life since they see it as a new beginning of life with God!


We all need to plan for the end of our life and our own funeral.  We at the Deaf Apostolate would like to try to help you.  Use the Planning sheet to get all the information you need for your family to know your wishes....Where will you be buried?  Where will the funeral be held?

Use the Liturgy planning sheet to pick:   First Reading, Second Reading, and Gospel Reading you would like read from the Bible at your own Funeral. Prayers of the Faithful can alos be chosen.   (songs too if you have hearing family members or friends). Also pick who you would like to celebrate the funeral, do readings, be a pall bearer...etc.  This worksheet should help you plan.

Although there is alot of freedom in planning one's own funeral, there are also guidelines to follow. These should help answer any questions you might have regardings what is allowed and what is not at a Catholic Funeral.  U.S.C.C.B. has some intersting information to help you as well.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the Deaf Apostolate. 

May God bless you now and always!




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