The Diocese of Rockford Deaf Apostolate has many resoureces available to borrow.  If you would like to use any of our resources you may put in a request to order.  Like a Library, we will ask that the materials may be returned on time and in the same good condition that they were borrowed so others may also enjoy them.  If there is something that we do not have and you would like, check out our link to online ordering.

If you would like to Borrow any of the materials listed below, kindly email our office with your request:  [email protected]



Interpreting Resources:

Mass signed in ASL


The Rose Kennedy PRogram to Improve Catholic Religious Education for Children and Adults with Mental Retardation.

My First Eucharist

My First Confession

Health Issues:

Alcoholics Anonymous: American Sign Language (VHS)

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions: American Sign Language (VHS)

An ASL Interpretation of the 12-Step Program (VHS)

Information for Persons with Disabilities:

Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities Brochure

Celebration of the Sacraments for Persons with Disabilities Booklet

Pastoral Statement of US Catholic Bishops for Persons With Disabilities Booklet



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