Please pray for those who have asked us for prayer....

For those who are sick:

Lisa Olson

Jessica Gravel

Theresa Keller

Bernadette Torba

Michelle Witczak

For those who have died:

Orestila Nicolalde - (September 18, 2011)
Mother of Rafael (Marcia)Nicolalde

Elmer Klusman - (September 13, 2011)
Father of Rev. Christopher Klusman

Oliver Leo Hoffman, Jr. - (April 22, 2011)
Husband of Barbara Hoffman, Father of David and John

Cheryl Meyer - (April 18, 2011)
Wife of Steve, Sister-in-law to Kathy (Robert) Caron

Walter Tokarski - (March 16, 2011)
Uncle of Bernadette Torba

Mary Hendrix
- (January 24, 2011)
Mother of Sharon Hendrix

Mary Ann Bartley - (December 26, 2010)
Mother of interpreter, Sheila Antosch

Marie Nesmith - (November 12, 2010)
Mother of Bethann (David) Zarembski, David, Brad and Kevin Nesmith

Sam Pusateri - (September 6, 2010)
Husband of Joyce. Brother-In-law of Bernadette Torba

Kevin Nesmith - (July 11, 2010)

Son of Marie Nesmith, Brother of Bethann, David and Brad Nesmith

Larry Bonk - (May 19, 2010)
Father of Christine Bonk

Loretta Olson - (April 3, 2010)
Mother of Lisa Olson

Deanne (Seymour) Korst - (January 18, 2010)

Daughter of Steve and Pam Seymour

Goldie Greet - (January 11, 2010)

Mother of Larry (Ileana) Durbin

Alvin Knabe - (September 11, 2009)

Grandfather of Kevin Knabe

Peter Adams - (August 14, 2009)

Father of Mark (Wendy) Adams

Leon Bongey - (July 13, 2009)
Husband of Janet and Brother of Clara Villani and Jenny Manilla

Mafalda Mahany
Sister of Margaret Pendergast

Mary Keller
Sister of Theresa Keller

Nicole A. LaPlante
Daughter of Melfy Wasik

Charles Schaefer
Husband of Nancy Schaefer

Joseph Bulat
Uncle of Bernadette Torba

Please remember all our young Men and Women who serve this country in the Armed Forces

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