Parish Boundaries

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St. James, Lee

North:Starting at the intersection of State Route 251 and Reynolds Road: east on Reynolds Road to Interstate 39; north on Interstate 39 to Perry Road; east on Perry Road to Anderland Road.
East:Starting at the intersection of Perry Road and Anderland Road: south on Anderland Road to the Milan/Afton township line; south on the Milan/Afton township line to Miller Road; south and east on Miller Road to State Route 23; south on State Route 23 the Lee/LaSalle county line.
South:Starting at the intersection of State Route 23 and the Lee/LaSalle county line: west on the Lee/LaSalle county line to Interstate 39.
West:Starting at the intersection of the Lee/LaSalle county line and Interstate 39: north on Interstate 39 to Beemerville Road; west on Beemerville Road to State Route 251; north on State Route 251 to Reynolds Road.